[Foundation-l] Kaltura and Wikimania collaborative video editing

Lisa Bennett Lisa.Bennett at kaltura.com
Tue Jul 8 21:07:18 UTC 2008

Hi, this is Lisa from Kaltura.  Thanks for your feedback.  


Here is some useful information about the video-wiki extension:


-          I will start by saying that the video-wiki extension project
is run as an open-source project on Sourceforge, and any bugs, feature
suggestions, and code contributions are welcome there.

-          You can access all of the history/versioning information
about the video (including advanced dif capabilities etc) by clicking
the "Info" button on the bottom right of the player (similar to photos
on wiki)

-          The first version of the extension included a "Credits"
button that included all relevant credit information.  It is being
re-inserted into the new player within the next week.

-          Content is indeed governed by the CC-BY-SA license. The
upload wizard enables to import content from repositories governed by
CC-BY-SA license or to upload your own content.

-          The Remix button works - it opens the online editor.  The Add
button opens the upload/import wizard - you need to make sure to click
the right button for each functionality.

-          While the extension has been tested extensively and works
well on all popular platforms and operating systems, the community's
feedback is crucial and greatly appreciated, we look forward to more of



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