[Foundation-l] Process for a project to request a setting

Ting Chen Wing.Philopp at gmx.de
Tue Jul 8 12:22:46 UTC 2008

> > I would say that it is a matter of priorities. As far as I am aware the
> > priorities are very much one of:
> >
> >    - We are volunteers and we do as we like
> >
> > Consequently, projects can take multiple years, things do not get done or
> > done whenever. When the WMF has more developer capacity, it may make it a
> > priority to prevent these bugs from bugging us.

At first I don't consider this as a bug. So I am a little confused to find it in Bugzilla. It is (for my understanding) a request of a setting.

And I see this as part of KEEP THEM ROLLING.

As I have said, it is not a day consuming thing and it doesn't happen so often. So I suppose it should be possible to name a responsible person to handle this. If a setting is not meaningful, because it is too difficult, or because it is still in testing phase, it would also not be time consuming to add a comment like "This feature is not yet free for every project". People are not angry because they don't get a feature, they are angry because they don't get a response.

> Another option may be to allow stewards to change such configuration 
> using web-interface like Configure [1].
> [1] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Configure

This can possibly release such things to the projects. But this extension is not used in our projects, right? Is it then possible that the bureaucrats only can change a bunch of settings or would they have the right to set everything?

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