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Philippe Beaudette philippebeaudette at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 16:13:48 UTC 2008


What about my message was incivil?  What about it was off-topic?  To have 
that implied is offensive.

I don't mean to be aggressive, and pray that I'm not, but my message was 
on-topic and exhaustively civil (I think you'll see that I work really hard 
at civility) and it never went through.

I'm sorry, but this particular action has greatly offended me.  I sent a 
private message to Austin yesterday but since he has not seen fit to respond 
to it, I'm making it public below.


Message that I sent to Austin follows:

Although I appreciate your mention that you apologize for not notifying the
group that the message string had been kill-filed, I want to go on record -
strongly - as saying that it was handled poorly.

I'm a solid contributor to this list.  I think that I rarely - if ever -
generate noise as opposed to signal.  I'm an administrator who is trusted
with OTRS access and have been a member of the election steering committee.
I think I'm the very definition of "trusted contributor".

It should be very clear to the moderators how absolutely offensive it is to
get a "message moderated" email for a list to which I have long been a solid

This situation was bungled, and I'm amazed how badly.  You owe it to EACH
contributor who received one of those moderation messages to apologize to
them: individually.  An apology in passing in the last paragraph of an email
is insufficient.  You (or the software) could be bothered to send us a
message saying we weren't trusted to post to the list.  You owe us the
courtesy of an email of apology.


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> On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 12:59 AM, Claudio Mastroianni
> <gattonero at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  Il giorno 27/feb/08, alle ore 00:51, Oldak Quill ha scritto:
>> >>>
>>  > And if the killfile was legitimate, why didn't you tell anyone until
>>  > 15 hours after you did it? Quite a few list regulars were involved, it
>>  > seems like basic respect to tell them that you did this.
>>  I'll repeat it again: is this respect?
>>  The answer is "no".
>>  Wikimedia, freedom of opinion? Nope: freedom to have the Board's
>>  opinion (it seems).
> This is a baseless insinuation. As Austin already pointed out
> somewhere else, we are not appointed by the board and we are not hear
> to defend the board from criticism.
> Foundation-l is a open forum, where everyone, including the board and
> its critics can utter their opinion. Our job is to moderate the
> discussion when it gets offtopic or incivil.
> Michael
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