[Foundation-l] Status of cloak requests

GDonato gdonato at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Feb 26 17:43:19 UTC 2008

Adam Brookes wrote:
> Whilst I appreciate the circumstances, it suprises me that one person being
> injured brings the whole process of requesting cloaks to a grinding halt. If
> this problem is with Freenode then perhaps it should be asked, why do we use
> Freenode rather than another network or indeed our own official unofficial
> IRC network. It seems as if there is an additional layer of burecracy that
> could be removed by doing this ourselves. I'm sure we could find both the
> hardware and the people to manage such a network and it would of course
> offer us more control on other issues. Is there any particular reason why
> the Foundation doesn't want to get invovled with IRC?
> Regards,
> Adambro

I think Wikimedia having its own IRC setup would probably be quite a 
good idea. I agree with your point that it could remove bueraucracy and 
irc.wikimedia.org already exists (albeit only for recent changes etc.). 
It seems it would put the ball back in our own hands as it were. I doubt 
there are any issues regarding expense or staffing (but I may be wrong) 
so go for it, I would say.

G Donato

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