[Foundation-l] WMF/EFF and Copyright extension

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Thu Feb 21 21:12:04 UTC 2008

Ray Saintonge wrote:

> If DRO's are going to use the word "theft" when referring to the 
> abuse of works owned by one of its members, is it not also 
> "theft" when similar rights belonging to the public are abused?

Negative words such as "theft" tend to stick to the people who use 
them, whether they are pro or anti.  Here's that guy again, who 
always talks about theft...

Hiking organizations are not talking about the right to trespass.
They are talking about the freedom to roam, the right to enjoy 
nature and the wilderness, the joy of learning to know your 
country, and the healthy exercise it brings.

In copyright debates we already have a complicated situation with 
some groups calling themselves pirates (in Sweden: the Pirate Bay, 
the Piracy Bureau, the Pirate Party).  I'd prefer to stay out of 
that camp, and keep talking about "free knowledge", "free 
culture", and "free software" rather than piracy and theft.

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