[Foundation-l] First use/contribution by Canadians of Wikipedia

Tim Starling tstarling at wikimedia.org
Thu Feb 21 02:18:46 UTC 2008

Neil Harris wrote:
> Tim Starling wrote:
>> Mike Godwin wrote:
>>> Dear folks,
>>> In order to pursue our trademark registration in Canada, we would like  
>>> to document the earliest uses of Wikipedia by Canadians.  Our Canadian  
>>> staff members (Sue Gardner and Jay Walsh) believe the  first Canadian  
>>> uses of Wikipedia date back near the origins of
>>> Wikipedia itself.  Considering that Wikipedia started in early 2001,   
>>> this should mean that by early 2002 there was significant Canadian  
>>> use  of the English-language Wikipedia project.  I assume there was  
>>> also early use of the French-language Wikipedia project by French  
>>> Canadians -- that would also help us here.
>>> Does anyone here have any thoughts about how we might document the  
>>> (likely) fact that Canadians were engaged with Wikipedia early on?
>> No doubt our good friend [[User:]] will be happy to help you 
>> out ;)
>> -- Tim Starling
> Tracing of the IP address back to its owner, Cogeco Cable Solutions, 
> http://www.cogeco.ca/, should suffice to demonstrate that edits from 
> that IP address were made from Canada.

Well, that, and the fact that the guy is pretty famous in our corner of 
the Internet, having gone off to terrorise a series of wikis after he left 
Wikipedia. He's from Nova Scotia, a fact many Nova Scotians will be aware 
of, since we blocked most of the province for the best part of a year to 
get rid of the guy. You can find a plausible-looking biography here:


And an amusing response to that page here:


At least Anthere got the joke without me having to explain it.

-- Tim Starling

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