[Foundation-l] WMF/EFF and Copyright extension

Brian McNeil brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org
Tue Feb 19 07:35:43 UTC 2008

Philippe Beaudette wrote:

> Modified:

And again...It's performer's rights, musicians/composers are already life+

Whereas: The Wikimedia Foundation wishes to encourage freedom of content, a 
goal endangered by the recent efforts of the European Union to extend 
copyright for musical performers from 50 to 95 years and,
Whereas, The Wikimedia Foundation operates the largest collection of free 
and copy-left content in the world, and,
Whereas, The Wikimedia Foundation has always encouraged the distribution and

creation of free content, and,
Whereas, the thousands of contributors to Wikimedia's contributions are a 
vocal and committed body,

then, therefore, be it resolved that:

The Wikimedia Foundation publicly denounces the actions taken by the 
European Union to extend the terms of copyright, and calls for the Union to 
immediately halt all discussions that endanger the expiration of or lengthen

the period of copyright standards.

Brian McNeil

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