[Foundation-l] Fwd: 欢迎大家参加2月25日到3月7日的wikieducator的免费学习课程(请代为转发给你的朋友)

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Date: 2008-2-18 13:22
Subject: 欢迎大家参加2月25日到3月7日的wikieducator的免费学习课程(请代为转发给你的朋友)
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Hi friends --

Calling prospective participants and facilitators for

We're accepting registrations for the 2nd online workshop under the
L4C  project. The workshop will run from 25 Feb to 7 March 2008.

Our first workshop was a major success with 100 registered
participants from 32 different countries! Join us in making history!
L4C is the largest free training initiative in wiki skills for
education in the world.  You can register directly on the wiki from
this page:


If you know of anyone who would like to learn or brush up on their
wiki skills -- please forward this announcement.  The deal is that
WIkiEducator provides free training --- participants sign a learning
contract to donate one lesson or similar free content resource back
the community.

WE will host at least one online workshop every calendar month. I'm
also pleased to announce that the first of 160 face-to-face workshops
in 52 countries has just started today in the Solomon Islands. With
Kudos to the Pacific region! Who will be the first country in Asia,
Africa, Europe the Caribbean etc?
Should be fun.

We're also looking for help from prospective facilitators for L4C
workshops (both online and face-to-face.) If you're able to help --
please submit an expression of interest here:



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