[Foundation-l] [Announcement] Welcome to our two new board members

Domas Mituzas midom.lists at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 23:09:16 UTC 2008

Florence, everyone,

thanks for nice welcoming (though of course, we've been here together  
for ages) and trust.

WMF major work is operations (legal, technological, ideological) to  
facilitate communities building knowledge,  and of course -  
individuals seeking for it.
For very long time I have been seeing my work in projects as 'non- 
contributing user representative' (and due to lack of edits on wikis  
I still can't easily vote in elections :).

That non-contribution ended up being quite involving - I wished we  
were able...
To serve more people, without having to request anything back -  
politely asking seems to be far nicer choice.
To rely on goodwill and beliefs to make it sustainable
To behave in right way, and not have everyone turn their backs, but  
rather come back again and again.

Caring about the result and enjoying the process is something what  
seemed to be driving the organization, especially the technology part  
of it.
This is what we should continue doing - not make the process enemy of  
what we are doing, enjoy it, and of course, care about our future and  
results we achieve.

And care about non-contributors too, because essentially, thats whom  
we work for. :-)


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