[Foundation-l] Wikibooks Logo Discussion

Andrew Whitworth wknight8111 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 16:18:18 UTC 2008

The submissions phase for the Wikibooks logo selection process is
starting to wrap up:


Discussion about timelines here:


We don't have a firm deadline set yet for when the submissions phase
will be over, but preliminary discussions on the matter are focusing
on mid-march to early april. Of course, this isn't firm yet, but it
should give a good idea of what the timeline is. It's also a warning
that we could have as little as a month left for submissions.

The Wikijunior logo discussion is occuring in parallel, and will
follow the same time schedule as the Wikibooks discussion will. At the
moment, Wikijunior has attracted only a handful (5 or 6, at last
count) of submissions, while Wikibooks has attracted over 25
submissions. Wikijunior does not have a current logo.

I would appreciate any help in getting out a last-minute advertisment
to the various communities, both wikibooks and non-wikibooks, about
this. Ideally, we would like to have a lot more submissions for both
projects, and we would like more people to take an interest in the
selection process. Posting a message to wikien-l, and commons-l (i'm
not subscribed to either list) would be a good start. Translations of
a basic announcement to other languages would also be a big help, so
we could try to involve non-english-speaking wikibookians more in this

I'll post updates once we have a firm timeline.

--Andrew Whitworth

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