[Foundation-l] Speedy deletion of UK Darwin scans

Klaus Graf klausgraf at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 6 00:54:01 UTC 2008

There is a remarkable victory for the Copyfraud lobby at Commons:


The discussion was opened at February 2 and closed with the decision
to delete on February 5. I think there is absolutely no reason for the
Wikimedia Foundation not to accept Bridgeman v. Corel (an US decision
which has diligently discussed UK law with the same result that mere
reproductions are not copyrightable) for all projects. Scans from
printed Public Domain books cannot be protected. Lord Oliver said "But
copying, per se, however much skill and labour may be devoted to the
process cannot make an original work".

Typographical protection in the UK expires after 25 years. But much
older reproductions can be protected for 70 years pma when some
Indians do some Photoshop work on scans?

On Copyfraud see

Klaus Graf

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