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“please dont plug accessgrid any more, you have suggested this on many
and i know it may be in good faith but we have spent lots of time on various
different lists discussing this.  the meeting will take place on irc, most
probably #wikimania2008 or #wikimania2009 (not yet decided).  for people not
used to irc this can be accessed by going to
org/wiki/IRC and choosing wikimania planning


Thanks Mark (and Majorly),


Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest that WMF’s communities’ world would change

I’m just looking at ‘Sandbdox’ initiatives like this HYPERLINK

And what Steve has introduced with the Wikback forum,

And then wondered about how long it might take Head Office to use tools
which might be more inclusive. 


I only use the accessgrid as it’s the unis top end of this kind of research,
which starts with IRC (or Jabber). If the Foundation’s mission is to help
its communities to share global knowledge, then sooner or later AG’s
communities will need to be involved, or more reasonably, vice versa.
They’ve got the global comms infrastructure but are country centric. WMF’s
communities have proved they have riveting global content but embryonic
comms. A marriage made in heaven from my perspective.


Just reading through this reflector and noting the number of views we get
for posts on this elist.

It ain’t many. HYPERLINK


Missed the meetings. Could you point me at their archive? Thanks so much,


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