[Foundation-l] Annual Fundraiser 2008 update

Rand Montoya rmontoya at wikimedia.org
Mon Dec 8 18:52:04 UTC 2008

Hey All--

A couple of updates on the Annual Fundraiser:

1) A quick update of the community giving stats (gifts less than 
$10,000) for the first 35 days of the fundraiser:

2007: 31,956 donors giving a total of $895,405.01. Average gift is $28.02.
2008: 53,519 donors giving a total of $1,542,543.41. Average gift is $28.82.

We're holding steady about $27K to $30K per day. More and full stats 
here: http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Special:ContributionStatistics.

2) You can find the latest post about our site notices here: 

Long blog post short: People do read the site notices. Sounds crazy, but 
they do. Our messaging matters. People love the "Wikipedia is there when 
you need it - now it needs you"...whereas "Wikipedia: Making Life 
Easier" has not done as well.

3) Next few site notices were delayed, but will be going live this week. 
The first two are here:

(left messaging to be tested/changed)

We should have two more live by mid-week.

4) In addition to getting more site notices up, we will be working on 
increasing our conversion rate (the rate for which donors give after 
they click on a banner). Right now our conversion rate is dropped 
steadily since the beginning of the fundraiser. It started at 12% or so 
and now stands closer to 3.5%. I'll be working with a few tweaks to try 
to push this up a bit...try to close the sale and get those who are 
thinking about donating to donate.

I appreciate all that have contributed ideas and thoughts. You'll be 
seeing some of those ideas soon.

Rand Montoya
Head of Community Giving

Rand Montoya  
Head of Community Giving
Wikimedia Foundation
Email: rand at wikimedia.org
Phone: 415.839.6885 x615
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