[Foundation-l] The Wikimania of my dreams

Ilario Valdelli valdelli at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 19:42:30 UTC 2008

The Wikimania of my dreams is not a vague Wikimania, focused on a
generic idea, without a specific aim.

Surely closest to my country and to my problems.

For this reason I think that Wikimania should be splitted in three
events happening in three different periods and in three different

One Wikimania for Wikipedians where sysops, users and developers can
meet each other to share best practices, can collect suggestions, can
organize more collaborative international projects. A Wikimania when
the main aim is collaboration (*active participation*).

One Wikimania for scientific purposes where academic people can speak
of Wikipedia and its projects but also about related arguments (open
content, wikis in general and something else) with a scientific
publication at the end of the event. A Wikimania where the best aim is
to hear other persons like in some traditional universities (*passive

One Wikimania (but it already exists like Chapter meeting) where
wikimedians can discuss about organizational purposes.

In these three different types of Wikimanias any person can match his
particular interests, and any of these can satisfy any expectation.


On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 11:24 AM, Delphine Ménard <notafishz at gmail.com> wrote:
> I woudl like to dedicate this thread to the Wikimania of your dreams.
> No argument, no debate, just ideas, a giant brainstorming of what the
> Wikimania of your dreams would be. Please throw your stuff in, and try
> to make it only positive things (ie.write  "something that's green"
> rather than "something that's not blue or red".)

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