[Foundation-l] A contribution to numerology

Milos Rancic millosh at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 13:27:08 UTC 2008

If the functionality of the Board is the primary goal of its
restructuring, here is my scratch for making everybody happy:

Let's say that the Board will have 10 members (as it has).

And we have some rules:
- There should be 5 directly elected Board members.
- Board may appoint its members, but it is not preferable.
- Board needs, for example, 1 treasurer, 1 NGO expert, 1 lawyer, 1
developer, 1 economist.
- We had elections and we elected 5 Board members. I would be really
surprised if we didn't elected at least persons who are qualified for
being treasurer, NGO expert and developer. But, I am sure that we
would elect at least one of the needed experts.
- But, even if we didn't elect any of experts, Jimmy may be treasurer,
NGO expert or economist.
- So, we have 4 empty seats. Board should ask chapters to choose four
needed experts for the Board.
- If chapters find appropriate persons -- the job is done. If not --
Board may appoint needed experts.

Benefits of such approach are:
- Community really have the majority. At least half of the members are elected.
- Chapters will be represented according to their development level,
which means that they will be pushed to think about their own
- Board will use its possibility to appoint its members only in
extraordinary circumstances: for Jimmy and for empty seats.

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