[Foundation-l] Board-announcement: Board Restructuring

Gordon Joly gordon.joly at pobox.com
Tue Apr 29 08:05:31 UTC 2008

At 09:55 +0200 27/4/08, Delphine Ménard wrote:
>On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 4:55 AM, Nathan <nawrich at gmail.com> wrote:
>  > I'll be curious to see how the various chapters determine amongst
>>   themselves, without guidance for the board, how to select the two board
>>   members allocated to them. Will they use the existing inter-chapter
>>   structure, the Chapters Committee, to coordinate discussion?
>Just to clarify one point, the chapters committee is not an
>inter-chapter structure, but a committee appointed by the Board of
>Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, which lends a hand to the Board
>and chapters coordinator (myself) on the Foundation side, as well as
>helps new and existing chapters when it comes to chapters matters.
>Its main task in the past months has been the guidance of new would-be
>chapters in their first steps towards officialisation as Wikimedia

If there is no "inter-chapter structure", how 
will the Chapters vote on two people for the new 


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