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Brian McNeil brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org
Mon Apr 28 18:49:23 UTC 2008

This message from Brion set me up for a happy day. :) Even if I did have to
deal with a Windows PC with Norton software on it.

I've ported over the page to [[meta:WM:RADIO]], there's a section on the
talk page for people to sign up if they're interested. Remember, that can
even be just an interest in getting your own preferred project to increase
audio content. Questions to ask yourself; can your project do more podcasts?
Do you have timeless material that may be recorded once and reused? Can your
project organise and promote a wish-list of material to record? Can you
improve the categorisation of your audio material?

If you have any general ideas or specific types of content you would like to
see, please bring it up on the talk page; yes, even if you are not in a
position to record it. You may inspire someone else to get involved and do

One issue I have noted with many people who express an interest is in having
sections that, while serious, need not conform to NPOV. Not "Talk Radio",
but a radio version of Talk: pages. My own thoughts on this are that a slot
for something like this should be seriously discussed. A 100% NPOV station
may be a little lifeless, a "Caution: Non-NPOV Zone" hour or two long
segment on a Sunday with a midweek repeat is something I would welcome.

The initial schedule with a 0.1 launch will be very sparse. I believe that
even if we need to get people from the Google Summer of Code interfacing
MediaWiki with the audio stack we will still not have much content to work
from by that time. I expect to launch with 80-90% of the content being
random music from Commons. However, that is no bad thing as it may encourage
others to share their music with us.

Outside the WMF I believe there would be a lot of people very happy to have
setting up a radio station as easy as editing a wiki. Based on that I am
sure that volunteers can be found to do the software; the content is the
never-ending hard work.

Brian McNeil

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Brian McNeil wrote:
> As one of the Wikinews contributors has pointed out, this is starting to
> come together and look like something achievable. With that in mind, I
> been advised to move the discussion over to meta and perhaps make it a
> little less of a Wikinews project and more of a Wikimedia project.


> It is my intention to do so over the coming week, but I would gratefully
> welcome advice from people on this list as to how to put together a
> that will get a favourable reception. We're talking about using a lot of
> non-MediaWiki software for this, but the packages suggested all have the
> needed scalability. The technical hurdles to overcome do not seem
> impossible, I just wish I could get a half hour of Brion's time to help
> a start on software specifications.

Try to grab me on IRC some time Monday or Tuesday...

As you note, there's a lot of pretty well-grounded free software out 
there to put this sort of thing together, so I don't envision any huge 
technical difficulties getting something off the ground.

-- brion

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