[Foundation-l] Board restructuring and community

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 17:05:27 UTC 2008

>  What astonishes me is the lack of reaction on the part of chapters.
>  I fully expected a backslash from the community, though I thought it
>  would be on a different substance somehow.
>  However, I expected the chapter members to react, if only to share
>  interjections such as "how are we going to decide on the representants
>  ???". The only reaction I saw was the very negative feedback from
>  Lodewijk. I am *genuinely and honestly" puzzled by the near absence of
>  reaction. I do not know what to think of it.

Where would that feedback take place? To my knowledge, there is no
structure in place for inter-chapter communications. Such a structure
needs to be put in place (by the central foundation, as the only body
able to do so - after asking the chapters individually for comment,
first, I'd hope) before the chapters can do anything.

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