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Dan Collins en.wp.st47 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 23:46:39 UTC 2008

On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 1:29 PM, Brian McNeil <brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org>

> As one of the Wikinews contributors has pointed out, this is starting to
> come together and look like something achievable. With that in mind, I
> have
> been advised to move the discussion over to meta and perhaps make it a
> little less of a Wikinews project and more of a Wikimedia project.
> It is my intention to do so over the coming week, but I would gratefully
> welcome advice from people on this list as to how to put together a
> proposal
> that will get a favourable reception. We're talking about using a lot of
> non-MediaWiki software for this, but the packages suggested all have the
> needed scalability. The technical hurdles to overcome do not seem
> impossible, I just wish I could get a half hour of Brion's time to help
> make
> a start on software specifications.
> So, with some momentum on this at the moment can we get everyone who ever
> wanted to hear themselves on the radio on-board?
> Brian McNeil

Might as well make my presence known.

I used to do some stuff for WikiCast, which was a streaming radio station -
specifically, I ran the server off one of my old computers. We used
icecast+ices for audio (free), and had a wiki. I've already been asked to
put the wiki back up, but if it can be put on wikimedia servers that's
probably better :) I do have experience with that streaming software,
however I don't think I still have the configuration files, I'll have to
look later. It is able to run multiple streams, we didn't run into any
compatibility problems, and we were running with a pretty good bitrate off
my home computer and I think we were able to support 30 listeners before
running into issues. It's a playlist-style system, so you could record shows
either alone or using skype, but live shows were difficult. Skype does have
a live call-in-like system, so recording that would be viable.

Anyway, I'm certainly 'on board'.


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