[Foundation-l] Board restructuring and community

Mike Godwin mgodwin at wikimedia.org
Sun Apr 27 17:45:57 UTC 2008

(Resent with corrected subject header and attribution -- apologies for  
my errors.)

Thomas Dalton writes:

>> I don't this characterization is entirely fair, Lodewijk. The  
>> opinions
>> of the community and the chapters about governance of the Foundation
>> and its projects, as expressed here in foundation-l and elsewhere,
>> were weighed heavily in the course of the Board's consideration of  
>> its
>> governance issues.
> It can't of been. There's been very little (if any) discussion about
> chapters appointing board members, since the idea never really came up
> (it may have been mentioned in passing once or twice). If the board
> wanted our opinions, they would have had to ask for them.

I think it's an error to infer, simply because the particulars of the  
Board restructuring were not vetted through you, that chapter and  
community concerns did not weigh heavily on the Board as it considered  
all the goals it was attempting to meet through restructuring. I can  
assure you that your general comments and feedback here and elsewhere  
figured prominently in the Board's consideration of these issues.


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