[Foundation-l] Community of the Wikimedian Projects

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun Apr 27 05:32:22 UTC 2008

Geoffrey Plourde wrote:
> Forgive me if I am missing something... but isn't this kind of bureaucratic?
That's an understatement.  As such it's exactly the kind of thing that 
some of us who are promoting the volunteer council would want to avoid.  
I think this idea has much less chance of getting anywhere.

> From: Milos Rancic 
> Subject: [Foundation-l] Community of the Wikimedian Projects
> As the previous proposal failed, I am able to make a different approach to
> the issue related to the common body of Wikimedian projects. Proposal below
> is at the Meta page [[Community of the Wikimedian
> Projects<http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Community_of_the_Wikimedian_projects>]].
> Of course, it is a draft. According to my proposal, we have time until the
> end of June to decide what to do with the proposal.
> * * *
> As the creation of Volunteer
> Council<http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikicouncil>(named as
> Wikicouncil at the beginning) failed (Board
> didn't want to create such
> body<http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/foundation-l/2008-April/041917.html>),
> there is a possibility for changing the approach for the creation of the
> common body for the Wikimedian projects. Proposal on this page describes the
> Community of the Wikimedian Projects (CWP).
> In short, projects interested in coordination of their activities would
> would be able to opt-in the body where they would be able to make decisions
> related to all projects. Examples of such decisions may be granting bot
> status at one place, increasing communication level between projects,
> coordinating activities around particular WikiProjects and whatever else
> which some or all projects from this group see as their common interes.



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