[Foundation-l] [OT] Four tildes

Jay Walsh jwalsh at wikimedia.org
Sun Apr 27 00:07:37 UTC 2008

Yes :)

I'm doing some local work for production of promo products - mostly focussed on 
logos for the projects right now (less text, to keep things open-ended).

I hope to have more to show soon.

Jay Walsh
Head of Communications
+1 (415) 839 6885 x 609

Ray Saintonge wrote:
> Gatto Nero wrote:
>> ...overview: http://www.wikimedia.it/images/AnteprimaspilleWiki.jpg :D
>> (Look at the "Be Bold" one... I love it)
> I was just cleaning out old eMail when I arrived at this one.  Is anyone 
> considering to bring a supply of these to Alexandria to sell to the rest 
> of us?
> Ec
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