[Foundation-l] Board response on Volunteer Council

Yaroslav M. Blanter putevod at mccme.ru
Sat Apr 26 16:23:32 UTC 2008

> 2) Coordination of activities between projects and languages
> (eg, coordination on the robot.txt page; list of 1000 pages
> all-wikipedia-should-have; wish list of technical features etc...)

> 2. Is very little handled, so there is a lot of room for improvement and
> creativity here. Support from the board would however be a good idea.
> My own view is that this is the most problematic area, and my feeling is
> that the gap between projects and languages is currently rather growing
> than reducing. If there is one area of real concern to me, this is the
> one. I do not feel there is enough bridging.

Nothing would help 2 as soon as en.wp has as much power (articles, editors
etc) as all other projects together. For instance, in the same example of
list-of-100-articles they just have their own list in en.wp which is not
at all coordinated with meta - they have their own discussions, take the
articles out, put them in, and all this have absolutely no relation to the
meta list. At the same time, the meta list tries to target the
English-speaking audience - otherwise, for instance, why an article on
baseball should be in all Wikipedias? All together, it just makes no
sense, and no council is going to fix it.

My understanding was that the PVC is needed to perform an analysis of the
situation, similar to what Florence does in the message I am responding
to, and come up with the conclusion whether VC is needed at all and what
its responsibilities could be. It seems that all analysis has been already
done and the decisions taken. Fine, I have a lot of things to do on my
home project. I thought the whole idea of PVC is that a small group of
people can EFFICIENTLY discuss smth that an open group (a big mailing list
or an open discussion on meta) can not. This is why we wanted that the
board supports the PVC, which was intended to be basically a responsible
discussion group. Without the support, I personally do not see any sense
in year-long endless talk on the subject, where all ideas immediately get
drown in a stream of words. I have long ago passed the age when I had time
for meaningless discussions.


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