[Foundation-l] [Announcement] New Audit Committee

Florence Devouard anthere at anthere.org
Thu Apr 24 10:52:18 UTC 2008

Dear all,

Following the appointment of our new treasurer, the audit committee in 
charge of fiscal year 2007-2008 has been recreated.

This new committee is made of three members
* Stu West (new treasurer and board member)
* Michael Snow (board member)
* Ad Huikeshoven (user:Dedalus)

The Chair and the Executive Director of the Foundation are non-voting 
members of that committee (Devouard and Gardner).

This committee is directed to prepare our financial year external audit 
and will work with ED and CFOO on the strategy and implementation of 
various financial controls (*)

For reference:

I would like to specifically thank Oscar, who was on that committee for 
over 2 years, and most recently its Chair. It is a rather thankless and 
invisible work, so please have a warm thought in mind for him.
Thank you to Frieda as well for the few months of support whilst we were 
looking for a new treasurer ;-)

As Chair of the board of Trustees, I have the... privilege to appoint 
members to that committee, including the Chair of the committee. It 
includes the obligation to have a majority of members from the board of 
Trustees itself.
My rationale was that expertise from Stu was the most valuable asset for 
the group to make him Chair of that committee. Michael is probably the 
most educated trustee on such topics, hence my invitation for him to 
join the group (and his acceptance). Last, Ad has been a very valuable 
member of the group for the past two years, bringing his own expertise 
and a community touch. He will also provide the group with "the audit 

This group may expand in the coming weeks, depending on the 
recommandations of the audit committee itself and in particular its chair.

Thank you for the attention. Questions welcome :-)

Florence Devouard


* The purpose of the Audit Committee is to represent and assist the 
Board of Directors in its general oversight of the organisation's 
accounting and financial reporting processes, audits of the financial 
statements, and internal control, and audit functions. Management is 
responsible for (a) the preparation, presentation, and integrity of the 
agency’s financial statements; (b) accounting and financial reporting 
principles; and (c) the organisation's internal controls and procedures 
designed to promote compliance with accounting standards and applicable 
laws and regulations. The organisation's independent auditing firm is 
responsible for performing an independent audit of the consolidated 
financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing 
standards and rendering an opinion thereupon.

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