[Foundation-l] Contingency plans for Wikimania

Mike Godwin mgodwin at wikimedia.org
Sun Apr 20 19:24:02 UTC 2008

Gregory Maxwell writes:

> The lack of interest in making an optional request for information
> which may be useful seems seems callous to me.


It seems to me that this is a function that community members could  
implement themselves, almost certainly better than the Foundation  
could, especially if a significant number of community members care  
about it. The Foundation would certainly be happy to coordinate with  
such a volunteer-driven project.

I personally believe there are more efficient and effective means of  
creating such a list than to ask the Foundation to do it for you. The  
Foundation is already doing other contingency planning. Surely this is  
something you could do, Greg, especially if you personally believe it  
is "callous" to have a "lack of interest" in doing it.


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