[Foundation-l] Three fundraising job openings

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 14:34:25 UTC 2008

Good faith doesn't enter into it;

"Chad, Jon, Thomas, others - don't you think it makes sense to stay focused
on the big picture and the Board, and trust that until demonstrated
otherwise the Foundation has the right people in the right place to make
sure it stays afloat?" That is the only part of what I wrote written
directly at anyone.

Criticism was clearly implied by your comment, Chad - the questions seemed
more to make a point about priorities than an actual request for
information. When you start a message with *facepalm* and end it by
comparing the Foundation to you getting your first credit card, you aren't
simply asking questions.

My point was that the day to day issues of staffing and individual
expenditures ought not be dissected on a public list when the Foundation has
a hired staff charged with this level of decision making. The Foundation is
not managed by the community, it is led by the community via the Board. The
flagship project is the "encyclopedia anyone can edit" but there is a very
valid reason why the Foundation isn't the "company anyone can operate."


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