[Foundation-l] Single user login decision

Brion Vibber brion at wikimedia.org
Wed Apr 16 19:17:18 UTC 2008

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Anon Sricharoenchai wrote:
> Is there any committee to make the decision on this?
> This decision impact many user's right.
> It should be done carefully and peacefully.
> Public hearing is a necessary condition.
> We should not proceed current implementation of SUL, without public hearing.

No, there is no committee.

This was a technical decision, made by myself a couple years ago as
Wikimedia Foundation CTO based on my professional judgment of how best
to implement a system based on the various pressures and trade-offs
involved after consideration of the various proposals and discussions.

The rules for the coming transition have been publicly available for
that entire time, and there's no plan to change them.

Nobody's rights are impacted. No one will be restricted from access or
involvement in Wikipedia or other wikis. At worst, some people may have
to rename their accounts at some point.

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