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Greek is understood to be understood to have several
Koine is according to Ethnologue part of "Ancient Greek". This is Greek
until 1453 AD according to the ISO standard. Now when the definition of
"Ancient" is wrongly applied, get this addressed at the appropriate places.
This is the right way to approach this. Again, this is most likely to lead
to a new code to acknowledge modern usage.

for gerard and pathoschild

for you, is very important the need of a new class of ISO code? for opening a Wikipedia?

1.- Ancient is a neccesary adjective for differenciating with modern greek (native language), a different language (with its own gramar, sintaxis, etc). it needs even if is used in contemporanean context. unless the modern language no longer called "Greek". i guess, it is imposible.

2.- if you read my  last post. you realize that even scholars don't differentiate extint languages that are still in use  and the ones aren't  to (the unique factor considered is the lack native speaker and no more). don't exist a concept for them. it is the perpetual problem of all the social science, the lack of accurate terms. (latin has also a code of extint language)

if ISO base its decision in these concepts. don't you  believe that is practically imposible the creation of a new Kind of Code?

inevitably, it has to be used. does not exist another code for identifying ancient greek.

3.- with a sense of fair, if, i think, it has been more o less clear that ancient greek is still in use in many contexts. you would think is a moment to rethink the decission, woun't you think has been excessively restrictived?

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