[Foundation-l] Criteria for the closure of projects.

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun Apr 13 05:10:28 UTC 2008

Michael Snow wrote:
> Mark Williamson wrote:
>> Jimmy Wales and the Wikimedia Foundation have many contacts in many
>> countries. I am sure that someone somewhere in their network have a
>> friend of a friend who speaks some of these languages. If not now, I
>> am sure African languages will have them after Wikimania in
>> Alexandria.
> If I understand correctly, there are more African languages than there 
> will be people attending Wikimania. Even if everyone who came to 
> Alexandria spoke a different language, the coverage would still be 
> woefully inadequate. (For our next Wikimania, we'll rebuild the Tower of 
> Babel.)
The friend of a friend argument has the productivity of the six degrees 
of separation argument: not very productive.  An argument might run as 
    1. I have met Florence and she is thus my friend.(first degree of 
    2. Florence attended the Davos conference, and everyone that she met 
there is her friend, thus a friend of my friend. (second degree of 
    3. Those who attended at Davos are friends with everybody that's 
anybody, who are thus my friends in the third degree of separation.

I don't think this gets us very far. :-)


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