[Foundation-l] Criteria for the closure of projects.

Marcus Buck me at marcusbuck.org
Fri Apr 11 15:54:04 UTC 2008

Andrew Whitworth hett schreven:
> Right here is the fundamental misconception: "closing" a project is a
> bit of a misnomer because the content itself isn't "closed": the
> content is moved to the incubator and work can continue on it as
> normal.
Well, "closure" is handled very differently.

The "proposal for closure" for Klingon led to its complete removal. The 
"proposal for closure" for Low Saxon Wikiquote I once started (my 
intention was removal of the project) ended with locking of the database 
Going back to the Incubator is yet another example of a possible outcome 
of a "proposal for closure".
There should be some clarity what exactly is meant by "closure", and 
which form of closure will be chosen under which circumstances.

Marcus Buck

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