[Foundation-l] An argument for strong copyleft

Anthony wikimail at inbox.org
Mon Apr 7 20:14:56 UTC 2008

>  >  For those Bill's who don't mind Carrie's using their work in this way,
>  >  there's always CC-BY or some other non-copylefted free license.
>  I want to protect the "freeness" of actual derivatives of my work,
>  which is why I dislike CC-BY.  What I don't want is a purity test for
>  something that I and most people would not consider a derivative work,
>  but merely using two works on the same page.
Most people have no clue what the term "derivative work" means, but I
would assume that most people who do have a clue would agree that a
newspaper article which contains both photos and text is a derivative
work of both the photos and the text.

The FSF has confused this point by trying to claim that in some
instances the text is a derivative work of the photos.  That part's
generally nonsense.  But the *combined* work is pretty clearly a
derivative work.  Of course, there's very little case law on this,
because it almost never matters.

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