[Foundation-l] Projects without >FDL1.2 migration clause

Anthony wikimail at inbox.org
Mon Apr 7 20:05:15 UTC 2008

>  >  If one of Wikipedia's enemies wants to
>  >  spend lots of money causing trouble, there are plenty of issues they
>  >  could raise right now, and, as I noted before, there's a good chance
>  >  they could win (though the monetary award in any case would probably
>  >  be negligible).
>  There's a chance they could win now with some serious effort. If we
>  start openly violating people's copyright on the grounds that they
>  didn't explicitly say we couldn't, I'm not sure it would take much
>  effort at all (Mike says it would, but I'd like a second opinion, or
>  at least some references).
Actually, I will add this.  It depends how open and blatant the
violation is.  If it's just a matter of accepting new contributions
under a copyleft free license in the same spirit as the GFDL, and
combining these new contributions with the old ones under the GFDL, is
it really that much more open and blatant than not following the terms
of the GFDL in the first place?

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