[Foundation-l] Creative Commons CC-BY-SA Draft Statement of Intent

Delirium delirium at hackish.org
Sat Apr 5 06:21:40 UTC 2008

Erik Moeller wrote:
> We are continuing our conversations about that particular aspect, and
> my personal hope is that we will figure out a way to clearly state
> through the license that adaptations such as a picture embedded into a
> newspaper article trigger the share-alike clause, i.e. the newspaper
> article would be CC-BY-SA licensed. (Or, as I would argue, in those
> particular cases, any other DFCW compliant license.)

I think your parenthetical permission would be extremely necessary for 
us, because otherwise the hundreds of cc-by-sa images we have in our own 
GFDL Wikipedia articles would have licensing problems. IIRC, "our" 
position, mostly as expressed by Jimmy a few years ago, has been the 
opposite---that putting an image in a Wikipedia article is mere 
aggregation, and doesn't trigger the license of either the image or the 
text. Of course what we say we think the license is doesn't magically 
make it so, but we should probably not take an official position that 
would make our own usage not compliant...


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