[Foundation-l] Provisional Volunteer Council - proposal

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu Apr 3 10:10:52 UTC 2008

Geoffrey Plourde wrote:
> Yes, we do not need the same old "professionals" telling us how to create a community org. 
Get it together guys!  One complains about a lack of experience, and 
when one of the candidates replies with relevant information another 
complains about being too professional.  I guess we really can't satisfy 

> ----- Original Message ----
> From: Durova <nadezhda.durova at gmail.com>
> Now, if I'm wrong and some of the PVC members have experience in
> non-profit governance and incorporation, please allow them to step
> forward and inform us. Up until now, I see _no_ qualifications other
> than being a suck up.
> -Chad
> I am a former board member of the Columbia University Alumni Association of
> Southern California.  Another Wikimedian proposed my name and I wasn't aware
> it was under consideration until Effe contacted me to see whether I'd be
> interested.
> I don't know whether "assume good faith" applies to this list formally, but
> it would be a good idea to follow it.

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