[Foundation-l] Provisional Volunteer Council - proposal sent to the Board

Yaroslav M. Blanter putevod at mccme.ru
Thu Apr 3 09:35:26 UTC 2008

Right, after all, the Board may well decide that PVC is not needed and
vote the resolution down. Since the resolution is actually submitted, I
would postpone all discussion (perhaps with the exception of the
personalia which can still be easily incorporated in the list by the
board) until the resolution is actually voted.


> This is my opinion on the matter. Instead of arguing about this or
> that detail now, let's set up the provisional council and let them get
> to work finalizing the details. In short, it doesnt matter what the VC
> is speculated to do/be now, because the PVC will probably change all
> that. The PVC will, I hope, decide many of the specifics about th VC,
> write up an acceptable and specific proposal about it, and submit that
> proposal to the board.
> I will say, as many others have already said, that it's good that we
> start to think about some of the important questions, such as legal
> questions, now. that way the PVC can make better decisions about the
> VC, and can focus it's attention in productive directions. However,
> arguing about all sorts of issues which are not yet pertinent here and
> now is not productive.
> Right now we need to set up a good PVC (whether the list that's been
> given is "good" or not is certainly up for debate), and start
> proposing some challenges that the PVC will have to deal with. Once
> the PVC has been created, we can start talking about issues that
> concern the VC more actively.
> --Andrew Whitworth
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