[Foundation-l] Provisional Volunteer Council - proposal sent to the Board

Birgitte SB birgitte_sb at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 2 20:11:23 UTC 2008

--- Milos Rancic <millosh at gmail.com> wrote:

> VC should, also, take care about all things which
> are related to the
> community. This means that admins, bureaucrats,
> stewards etc. should
> be responsible to VC, not to the Board.

Admins and bureaucrats should be responsible to
community consensus within each project.  Perhaps
certain community policies (i.e. EDP) might be
required to be approved by the VC.  The community as a
whole might be tasked to find a consensus within X
boundary set by the VC or fork.  But individuals in
these trusted community positions are not now
responsible to the board nor should they be
responsible to the VC.

Birgitte SB

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