[Foundation-l] Provisional Volunteer Council - proposal sent to the Board

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Tue Apr 1 14:58:13 UTC 2008

effe iets anders wrote:

> I never claimed, and will not claim that this is a perfect
> representation, nor that it is ideal with respect to size.

Regardless of the words "perfect" and "ideal", you still use the 
word "representation", but so far you have failed to explain in 
what way these names "represent" anything more than themselves.

The proposed resolution starts out with the high value of input 
from the community of volunteers, then a list of names is proposed 
for a (provisional) council, but it is not obvious how this 
council creates input from any comminity of volunteers.  What's 
obvious is that it creates input from these individuals. The rest 
really needs to be explained.

  Lars Aronsson (lars at aronsson.se)
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