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Tue Nov 27 09:44:25 UTC 2007

disruptive user, having been expelled from a larger project, is squatting on
a smaller project which he has turned into a personal fiefdom.  Under these
conditions, and where the user in question is the only project admin, it is
hardly remarkable that no community movement to desysop has formed.  It is
unlikely that anyone inclined to stand up to such a user would still be
active on the project.

If the information posted here has been largely correct, there is absolutely
no reason -- and no excuse -- for not desysopping this user.  This strikes
me as a profound failure of stewardship.


Sam / Visviva

Samuel Henderson
Miryang, South Korea - Chicago, Illinois, USA
Document Translation, Review and Proofreading
Korean-English, German-English
Certified Korean-English Translator

This, for now, is up to the local community. (And yes, that is still
> small). It are all points we *disagree* on, of course, and insults
> maybe, sure, but i think we ought to be careful with deadmin. If Ramir
> breaks no Wikimedia policies, then there is no deadmin at hand I
> think.

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