[Foundation-l] Determining the behavior of apostrophes

Monahon, Peter B. Peter.Monahon at USPTO.GOV
Wed Nov 28 11:00:06 UTC 2007

Any wiki markup appears to render in order from left to right, take
effect at the opening code, and end at either closing code or paragraph,
so closing code is effectively unnecessary if the end of a paragraph
accomplishes the same result:

''italics test''<br>

... works as well as 

''italics test<br>

... and so on.  On the one hand, I'd like this NOT to generate an error.
On the other hand ... well, if Word Perfect would just take over
CFKeditor or FCKeditor or FCUKeditor or whatever it's dang name is, then
we'd have a true reveal codes window "dashboard" below a true wysiwyg
window "windshield" the way Word Perfect and the web were supposed to be
... hasn't this all been worked out already 20 years ago?!?  Why are we
reinventing word processors from scratch on every new toy / environment
that gets invented? </rant> 

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