[Foundation-l] set pagemoves to autoconfirmed - please read andcomment

mike.lifeguard mike.lifeguard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 05:12:53 UTC 2007

This is for small wikis. If some project wants to opt out, they should be
allowed, but to cripple the SWMT is not a good idea. This would definitely
be a big help to them; let's try to make them more effective.
If some wikis don't like it, they can opt out. (I assume. If it's not
technically possible, then the benefit undoubtedly outweighs the good in any


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I for one am opposed to this (as I noted on the page in question).
This is not a decision to be decided foundation-wide, but rather on a
per-project basis. Some wikis might not want to disable
non-autoconfirmed users from moving, some might. That's what bugzilla
requests for setting changes are for. Additionally, this removes some
of the pagemove protection functionalities, as it would basically
become "Can non-sysops move pages, yes/no?"

-Chad H.

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