[Foundation-l] GFDL and relicensing

geni geniice at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 19:48:50 UTC 2007

On 22/11/2007, Ray Saintonge <saintonge at telus.net> wrote:
>  Which should
> we fault more for failing to foresee the internet, Queen Anne or Napoleon.

The original statute of Anne would have little problem with the
Internet since it only applies to written work on paper. The GFDL as
written would be ineffectual since it doesn't require witnesses. It
would also run into problems when works were translated:

VII.Provided, That nothing in this act contained, do extend, or shall
be construed to extend to prohibit the importation, vending, or
selling of any books in Greek, Latin, or any other foreign language
printed beyond the seas; any thing in this act contained to the
contrary notwithstanding.

The act also places limits on how much you could charge but that would
unlikely to be a problem.


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