[Foundation-l] GFDL and relicensing

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 19:20:45 UTC 2007

> Just as a point of clarification, Wikipedia text is already licensed GFDL
> 1.2 or any later version.  Anyone can exercise those "or later" rights, not
> just the WMF.  Of course, it is the FSF that decides what those later
> versions will say.  The most that the WMF/Wikipedia could do is decide to
> adjust the license on future submissions, i.e. switching to "GFDL 2.0 or
> later versions" or adopting a more restrictive stance like "GFDL 1.2 only".

Thanks for that. So WMF has required contributors to release it *now*
under any applicable GFDL license, rather than just getting permission
to release it under a later license if they choose. That makes more
sense, now I think about it.

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