[Foundation-l] Citizendium License (Was: [EWW] Edit Wikipedia Week)

luke brandt shojokid at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 06:08:55 UTC 2007

David Gerard wrote:
> Here's a blog post:
> http://blog.citizendium.org/2007/11/19/a-fascinating-license-question/
> Here's the matching forum thread, where I certainly get the impression
> Dr Sanger's pushing for -NC:
> http://forum.citizendium.org/index.php/topic,1377.0.html
> At which point they immediately become less interesting and wesay "oh well."
> - d.

CZ have always promised to be _open content_ and [[open content]] can be
-NC. At least WP says it can. As a non-profit project isn't Wikipedia
free to use NC if it wishes, though re-users would have to be warned. --

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