[Foundation-l] [EWW] Edit Wikipedia Week

Brian McNeil brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org
Tue Nov 20 18:59:35 UTC 2007

Geni wrote:

>There are for starbucks type things meetups planed in
[I assume you mean four]
>(sorry but I really don't know what non en projects are doing in this
>Do you think we should be giving them a poke?


Anyway, good. That's a starting point. OTOH, I do not know how strictly
regimented Starbucks is. If it needs help from someone in the WMF office to
get branches authorized to accept posters for this we need to know ASAP. It
is horrifically short notice to try and get a company as big as that to
sponsor something like this, but a memo from head office saying "The guys
with the geeky posters will help you sell more coffee" would be nice.

So what do we need for that? A poster reading, "December 3rd marks the start
of Edit Wikipedia Week. This Starbucks will be playing host to a hands-on
tutorial on how to share your knowledge with the world. Come see us on the
following days _____ at _____pm, grab a cup of coffee and watch out for one
of the Wikipedia people who can get you started.

Does Jimmy know anyone in Starbucks senior management? I know this is
focusing on one aspect, but if it gives us venues to achieve our goals where
college facilities may not be available...

Based on Robert Rohde's mail that came in while I was composing this I would
also add that we need a special welcome message for the EWW period. The
current welcome message on most wikis assumes you'll click a link, click
back, then click another link. For EWW it should be a short 3-4 page
introduction, with each page having a Next/Previous at the top and bottom.
It might be an idea to have a bot do the welcomes, but it'd need to hold off
a bit after account creation to see they weren't vandal accounts. No edits
in 5 minutes, give them the EWW welcome. Otherwise leave it up to RC
watchers to issue an EWW welcome or a "don't be disruptive" message.

Brian McNeil

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