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Cormac Lawler cormaggio at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 17:12:14 UTC 2007

An observation on the posters advertising this week [1]..

Wouldn't it be an idea to have a poster that leaves a specific space
for the *event* that people would like to advertise? The poster as
currently designed tells people that there's a week of events, but
doesn't tell them what's happening in their area (obviously, because
there will hopefully be many events ;-)). Would it be possible to
create a new poster with some sort of blank space so people could
write in the details, and to orientate the eye to this space? Such a
poster might want to reduce the emphasis on the dates of the *week*,
in favour of the date of the *event* (which would be filled in by the
event organiser) - while the dates of the week could be mentioned in a
slightly smaller general explanatory note, perhaps toward the bottom.

I've left this note on the designer's (Mushi) talk page, but feel free
to add suggestions, or to actually implement the idea yourself.. :-)


[1] http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Template_poster_A4.png

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