[Foundation-l] Proposal: Add Community Generated Information to Publicly Traded Company Pages

geni geniice at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 19:04:36 UTC 2007

On 19/11/2007, Chris Harris <CHarris at fool.com> wrote:
> Hello, my name is Chris Harris, and I am an employee of The Motley Fool.
> For the past year, we have worked with our community to create
> community-generated stock ratings and analysis with the objective of
> providing greater breadth of coverage than can be generated by
> professional analysts.  We would like to propose to the Wikipedia
> community that we include our stock rating data on Wiki pages about
> publicly traded companies.

The village pump is the more traditional way to ask:


But the answer will be no. The community is not massively trusting of
outsiders and has little interest in advertising your service.

> We feel that the community intelligence that is expressed in each CAPS
> stock rating would be a great pairing with the community intelligence of
> Company Wikis.

We don't run company wikis.

>Through this integration we believe that the Foolish
> community, which is interested in finance and financial education, would
> be encouraged to become involved in the financial pages on Wikipedia,
> and the Wiki community would gain a continuous feed of up-to-the-minute
> relevant financial data to enhance the pages of publicly traded
> companies. And not only do CAPS ratings provide a solid measure of
> current financial thinking regarding a broader range of stocks than
> covered by professional analysts on Wall Street, but they may be
> predictive indicators as well.

Wikipedia is not involved in trying to predict the future.

> We have reviewed with Wikipedia a method for receiving our CAPS stock
> ratings feed.  Ultimately, we would propose to implement this by adding
> the star rating and a link to "Rate this stock" in the bottom of the
> Info box on each page.

The community is unlikely to be interested in helping you gather data.
The wikipedia community is extremely paranoid about privacy.

> I look forward to any insight you can offer on the strengths or
> weaknesses of including ratings in Wikipedia.

If your ratings are good enough you will earn external links to your
site the conventional way. The community is unlikely to support any
way to shortcut this. In addition the versions showing your logo would
require you to release it under a free license along with at least one
method of presenting your data.


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