[Foundation-l] [OT] Four tildes

Gatto Nero gattonero at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 09:19:40 UTC 2007

2007/11/16, Maria Fanucchi <marialadouce at gmail.com>:
> I feel like vandalizing this one:
> http://www.wikimedia.it/index.php/Immagine:Spilla_3_copy.jpg to replace the
> "Italia" with "France". I want one! I've been told that that pin design
> hasn't been used yet, but I suspect they'll be getting lots of orders
> soon... heheh.
> Thank you for the laughs,
> --Maria
> User:Arria Belli

Just to underline it: an insider told me that few copies of the "Evil
admin" pins are available, just like some other design.
You've only to write to WMI, I'm sure they will ship it to you (if
shipping is convenient...)

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