[Foundation-l] French apostrophe

Yann Forget yann at forget-me.net
Sun Nov 18 12:57:00 UTC 2007


David Gerard a écrit :
> http://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/wikitext-l
> Wikitext-l was formed from a recent discussion on wikitech-l about the
> need to sanely reimplement the current parser, which is a Horrible
> Mess and pretty much impossible to reimplement in another language.
> The MediaWiki parser definition is literally "whatever the PHP parser
> does." Some of what it does is arguably very wrong, pathological,
> magical or just a Stupid Parser Trick. So the list has been formed to
> come up with a grammar that defines all the useful parts of the
> present parser, and so can be used by anyone to implement a MediaWiki
> wikitext parser. This will be useful for other software, for WYSIWYG
> editing extensions ... all manner of things.
> Some of what some people would think of as a "stupid parser trick" is
> in fact important - e.g. L'''uomo'' which renders as L<i>uomo</i>
> (necessary for French and Italian).

Actually, the proper French apostrophe should be ’ (Unicode : U2019,
Code HTML : &rsquo;) not '
On the French Wikisource, we systematically replace ' with ’ in all
articles and titles with bots (keeping redirects). So actually, '''
should be ’'' in proper French typography.

The issue is that ’ is not in the standard French keyboard, and it does
not exist in Latin1 (like œ for oe). There is also the problem with
broken softwares, like copy-paste in a non compliant Unicode editor,
etc. That's why it is so really used.

> - d.


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