[Foundation-l] Moldovan Wikipedia

Johannes Rohr jorohr at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 22:53:19 UTC 2007

GerardM <gerard.meijssen at gmail.com>

[I might come back to the other points later. For now, just let me
reply to this one:]

> One argument that you fail to address is that voting is a flawed method for
> closing projects, particularly for this highly political project.


So what? It may be flawed, but it is still better that kind of
inaction that all bodies endowed with formal authority display in such
situations. You may have guessed it - I'm referring to the "Siberian"
Wikipedia, which finally was moved out of the way by community action,
not by langcom, not by the board. 

For your information: the "Siberian" wiki together with the Russian
language "Wikislavia", also initiated by Yaroslav Zolotaryov is now
part of the "metapedia" project, which is a playground for
nationalism, racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, holocaust
denial etc. If you do not speak Russian, you might try one of the
English pages for an impression,
e.g. http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Holocaust

In retrospect, I'm absolutely appalled by the fact that Zolotaryov and
his folks were allowed to take WMF for a ride for almost a year and
despite numerous vocal examples of absolutely intolerable content, the
only comment by someone like Erik Möller on this list was "I don't
have an opinion."

Therefore, votes may be problematic, but inaction is worse.




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