[Foundation-l] Join the chapters committee?

Barcex barcexwiki at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 00:09:31 UTC 2007


   If you think I could be helpful I offer my help to the chapters

2007/11/9, Delphine Ménard <notafishz en gmail.com>:

> - are aware of what the Wikimedia organisation is all about

   I guess I know. I have been working during last year on the creation of
Wikimedia Argentina, I read foundation-l, I'm admin on several projects...

- are ready to read lots of long boring bylaw documents

   Dirty work, but someone has to do it :)

- are involved in Wikimedia on an international level

   I maintain contact with people from many countries (my main project,
eswiki is full of people from around the globe).

- have time to invest in this task

   Time is never enough, I have time, I do not know if enough for your needs
but certainly I have some time.

- preferably have some kind of international experience

   I work as researcher here at a university in Madrid. I participate in
several EU-funded research projects everyday so at EU-level I have

- are ready to learn about many different legal systems

   While I'm  IT-engineer  I have always liked lawyering and I think I know
more about legal systems than the average people (but not an expert at all).

- are good at making your point go across without alienating anyone

   Take it for sure that I'm not a PR guy. But I'm not unfriendly and one of
my concerns about behaviour of people at WM projets is how many core
contributors become very unfriendly when experienced.

- think chapters are important

   Of course, that's why I've been involved too much in Wikimedia Argentina.

- fluent in English

   So so, enough for discussion at project levels, but not to write poetry.

> - are interested in working with the existing crew

   I do not know your current crew, but I'm sure I have no problems with

   If you want to know more about my profile, please do not hesitate to
contact me. You could also obtain comments about me regarding chaters from
Patricio Lorente or Juan David Ruiz (zuirdj).

Best regards,

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